The Southern Reaches

Once the ancient and magical Fey ruled this world, moving over and though it like roiling smoke. Theirs was a realm of shadow sorceries, full of chaotic change that often tore apart the minds of mortals.

These are the Southern Reaches, the official setting for Magic World. On this you will discover fan made material for this rich and exciting world.

  • [Adventure] Vault of Sarkath Han

    A conversion of the Vault of Sarkath Han, as appeared in the original Worlds of Wonder: Magic World supplement. Updated by BRP Central’s Hexelis.
  • [Adventure] A Fool and his Gold

    A short adventure by Tooley1chris, designed to be a stopping point along the road to greatness. Will the PCs escort Thomas to his birthright or join with those who would steal it, and take it for themselves?
  • Peoples of the Southern Reaches

    A document jam-packed with Non-Player Characters ready for use in your Magic World adventures. Part of the collection of material provided by Tooley1chris (from the BRPCentral forums).